Specialist electronic and software design

Whether you have an idea for a new product or want to replace or make improvements to an existing product, choosing BitBox as your design partner means you benefit from our extensive research, design and manufacturing expertise. You can be confident your product is designed to the highest standard using the latest technologies.

Your BitBox Design Engineer will be your point of contact throughout the whole process from your product design requirements, developing the schematic through to managing the prototyping process and handover to manufacturing.

Reasons to choose BitBox as your design partner

  • Extensive design and manufacturing capability all on one site in our Basingstoke facility
  • Personal contact and support from one of our team of experienced Design Engineers allocated to your project
  • Designs based on an effective manufacturing process with experts on hand for advice
  • Products designed to the highest standards using the latest technologies with specialist software and tools for electronic design
  • Design files provided to you - BitBox does not lock you in
  • Reduced lead times with onsite prototyping and testing capability
  • Extend the life of your product by choosing BitBox manufacturing to manage obsolescence issues.

Specialist tools for electronics design

Based in our UK design studio and manufacturing facility our Design Engineers have a wealth of experience in leading electronic design and micro-controller software techniques.

By choosing BitBox you will benefit from design, development and research expertise including:

  • An extensive range of embedded ARMĀ® micro-controllers from very simple to high-end running Linux - including ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M0, M1, M3, M4, A8, A7
  • Embedded software development
  • Embedding Linux with full driver support fur custom hardware.

You will also benefit from our professional Cadence electronic design tools which improves the process of circuit design and PCB layout to manufacturing including:

  • Orcad Schematic capture CIS
  • Cadence Allegro PCB designer
  • Orcad PCB designer

Design with improved manufacturing in mind

As a manufacturer BitBox understands that good design practices reduce cost, reduce time and improve quality. With BitBox you can be confident that your designs have been created with the best design practices and the end manufacturing process in mind.

The BitBox design team builds cost-effectiveness in to your design from the start with a fully joined-up approach. You are properly informed about the best design approach with consideration for regulatory approvals and manufacturing requirements. Your Bill Of Materials and other manufacturing data is extracted directly from the engineer's CAD workstation to ensure accurately built product.

At the end of each phase the full implementation information is made available to you - something not available from every design company.

Design for the long term

Constant innovation with faster and higher specification components means obsolescence is often an issue with electronic designs. You can be sure that BitBox will look after you and your products if BitBox is your chosen manufacturer. We continually monitor our technology base and manage changes so the lifetime of your product is ensured.

Prototyping and testing

Designing with BitBox gives you access to our research and development service and prototyping methodologies which are continually improved and optimised. Your prototypes benefit from proven product design innovations and our knowledge of regulatory approval requirements.

Your BitBox engineer will guide you through the optimal design choices from start to finish and a successfully delivered volume manufactured product

Inhouse Printed Circuit Board design

Your printed circuit boards are designed by BitBox engineers on site. With access to an extensive library of components and footprints this reduces design time and increases the likelihood of 'right first time'. Your design that needs high speed design and signal integrity analysis or flexi-rigid technology is safe with BitBox.

We evolve your product

You may have an existing product which has served you well for many years but you are facing obsolescence issues or EMC or other regulatory approval issues - or you just need to update the design to add a new feature.

BitBox takes your existing product and builds on it by using current technology together with sound engineering skills to create an improved, cost reduced and more feature rich product. With the appropriate regulatory approvals you will be ready to reach new markets.

We are proud to have helped our customers become successful by using products designed by us.


  • Low power design and battery management
  • Analogue data conversion and waveform capture
  • Industrial measurement systems and control
  • Energy measurement systems
  • Electrical power measurement, single and 3 phase
  • LED lighting
  • Touch LCD user interfaces
  • Media / audio management systems, music / sound players
  • Remote management, logging and data analysis.
  • Machine to Machine communication systems (M2M)
  • Internet enabling devices - Internet of Things (IoT)