Quality Electronic Designs and Products

At BitBox ltd our goal is quality UK electronics assembly at competitive prices.

ISO9001:2015 - Certified by Bsi - a UKAS accredited body.

BitBox Ltd. certificate number: FM 582988 - our electronics design and manufacturing works to documented procedures and has been certified that it conforms to ISO9001:2015 by Bsi a UKAS accredited body in design, development and manufacturing.

At BitBox our design, development and manufacturing quality standards are always at the highest level. All products designed and manufactured by ourselves are fully tested to ensure that we meet the highest standards as demanded by our customers. When we ship a unit that has been designed by us, we know it works.

Download BitBox Ltd. Certificate of Registration for UK electronics design and manufacturing.

Regulatory considerations - helping you get approvals for your electronics

BitBox meets the regulatory requirements of electronic products designed and manufactured in the UK, including the CE mark. We will apply international approvals (including UL, FCC, TUV, VDE) if required by the customer.

BitBox is registered as an electronic waste (WEEE) producer with WeeeCare, Certificate number WEE/AB3404UT

Qualifications and Development in Electronics Design and Manufacturing

Our team ethos at BitBox fosters training - we know this approach upholds professional practice and drives continual improvement in quality - across all we do for electronic products!

We have a resident J-STD-001 certified trainer as part of our team. All manufacturing team members through the IPC-610 solder quality training.

All our production units are inspected to A-610 CLASS 3 - the more stringent requirements for high performance electronic products.

We display staff training milestones and recognise progress across our team - come and see for yourself when you want to commission our UK manufacturing facilities for delivering your product.