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Never been done before?

It takes a mixture of ingenuity and off-the-shelf components. Clearly defined and well-executed software development. And, of course, close collaboration. That’s how our Starter team crafts a successful prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that exceeds expectations and captures your investors’ imaginations.

We do it all the time

Every prototype is a fresh challenge. Fortunately, we’ve been here many times before. Our engineers draw on their formidable expertise in IoT devices and electronics product development to guide your idea from promising concept to convincing prototype.

It’s about you

It all begins with your idea. We listen closely to understand exactly what you want to achieve. Then we match your vision and passion – while bringing our experience and expertise to the table. Together we’ll build a partnership that extends beyond the prototype stage and throughout your product’s lifetime.

Always ready to ramp up production

Has your prototype generated some interest and investment? Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities mean you can progress seamlessly from prototype to trials and testing, before full blown production and distribution.

Frequently asked questions

In short, no. We pride ourselves on creating product that is stable and reliable. Very often, our customers' product is going out in the field in harsh environments where it's not simply a case of replacing with ease should a unit fail. This is what really sets BitBox apart in our opinion, we take testing and product verification/validation very seriously to iron out those issues before the product goes out into the field. The result may be a longer development cycle but that's always a considerably better outcome versus the alternative of having an unreliable out in the field damaging your reputation and almost definitely costing you money.

When we're at the prototyping phase we are always taking into consideration the end product. Bearing this in mind from the beginning is always going to result in a lower development cost as there's no need to duplicate. With that said, each and every job is different and, occasionally, it does make sense to 'lash something together' as a proof of concept (to go and secure funding perhaps) and essentially start from scratch in 'real' development. However, if funds are available from the start, we'd always recommend a minimum viable product approach, get the product out in the market bringing in revenue and then add-ons and improvements can be made further down the road once real feedback has been received. We typically work in a bare-metal environment however we also have extensive embedded Linux experience should it be suitable.

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Got a great idea you want to develop? An existing design that needs adjusting? Or a prototype you want to fine tune? We can bring your idea to life.

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