Electronics and Software Design and Manufacture

BitBox leads the way in design and manufacture of electronic hardware and software products to the highest standards.

Electronics Design

We design innovative applications across a vast range of sectors, including healthcare, industry, agriculture, energy and more.

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Software Design

Save time and money on software design with our combination of technical expertise, coding skills and wide-ranging experience.


See how our prototyping service can help turn your idea into a proof-of-concept electronic device.


Ensure your devices are designed and tested to the required certifications with our in-house compliance capability.

Electronics Manufacture

We combine the expertise and capabilities to manufacture your products to the highest specifications, all from our world-class facilities in Hampshire.

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Customer-focused approach

Work with us and you’ll soon discover our passion for solving problems, whether working as your out-sourced electronics department, or as an extension to your team.

In-house Contract Electronics Manufacture

Customers trust our world-class, UK-based manufacturing expertise to produce everything from sensors and gateways, to microcontrollers and IoT devices.

News and Insights

Team Insights
IIoT Applications: Predictive Maintenance Systems

In this “IIoT Applications” series of posts, we’ll consider the role of IIoT applications within the industrial environment. These include insights from some projects our engineers are actively working on and insights from the growth of awareness in IoT / IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) principles and their implementation. This post looks at the use of IIoT for Predictive Maintenance Systems.

An Engineer’s Guide To Electronics Design

From checking people’s temperature when entering a building, to artificial intelligence that can detect coughs and sneezes: smart devices and the Internet of Things (IIOT) will be key to enabling us all back to the workplace.

Case Study
Broadcast Studio Server – CuePilot

BitBox’s electronics engineering expertise extends to many sectors. Regardless of sector, products often connect a user to information or a machine to a data source. Sometimes projects come around that demand more interconnectivity. This happened with CuePilot and their Broadcast Studio Server.

Quentins Blog
The challenge of building trust with new clients

How do you build trust with a new client? Despite being in the industry for 30 years, I still don’t have a simple answer! Read Quentin’s views on this precious commodity.

Your electronics partner

Got a great idea you want to develop? An existing design that needs adjusting? Or a prototype you want to fine tune? We can bring your idea to life.

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