Robust, high-performing electronics products.
Every time.

BitBox products perform in amazing and extreme environments – including critical data centres, remote wind turbines and fathoms below the sea.

Quality isn’t optional, it’s essential.

Contract Electronics Manufacture

Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly expertise includes: sensors, power management systems, gateways, PLCs, microcontrollers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and lighting management systems.

Our approach

We combine creative problem solving with rigorous engineering expertise - applying financial discipline, speed and meticulous attention to detail throughout.

Our process

There are thousands of our devices in the field right now. Each one is testament to the quality of our design process.

Quality Assurance

We’ve achieved consistent success over two decades by insisting on the highest levels of engineering and customer care at every stage.


We are here for the long haul. We aim for partners rather than customers. Aftercare is an integral part of our service.

Our Service

We’ve developed a comprehensive service to meet the ever changing needs of our customers across the supply chain. From procuring components to making bespoke adjustments. We’ve got you covered.

Box Build

Products your customers will use with pride.

System Test

Performance and reliability without fail.

Supply Chain

Experience and expertise at every stage.

Manufacturing Plant

Cutting-edge technology and talent.

Manufacturing plant

The latest technology means nothing without the right people. We invest in both. That’s how we optimise our production line to meet the demands of every job. Our current plant includes:


Product quality not up to scratch?
Project costs spiralling? Timescales slipping?

With market-leading design expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities under one roof, BitBox can move swiftly to bring your project back under control.

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Bring your idea to life

Got a great idea you want to develop? An existing design that needs adjusting? Or a prototype you want to fine tune? We can bring your idea to life.

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