Data Protection Policy

Privacy and data protection policy

In the course of your use of this website, BitBox Ltd collects and uses data, some of it identified as ‘Personal Data’.

This policy outlines what data is collected and how it is used.

Continued use of the website demonstrates that users accept and understand this policy.

BitBox acquires, holds and processes information, some of which is identified as personal information, in order to effectively manage staff and contractors, and to smoothly undertake business with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. This document outlines the company’s approach to Data Protection and requests all stakeholders read, understand and adhere to this policy.

BitBox acts as a data controller and respects the privacy of individuals and conforms to the applicable laws and regulations on the use of personally identifiable data. BitBox will never sell, exchange or in any way pass on personal information to another party, unless there is a need to do so to complete agreed commercial work or required to do so by a court of law.

Customer and supplier data: Acquisition

For the purpose of this Data Protection Policy, the term ‘customer’ includes prospects that request BitBox to take steps prior to entering into a contract. BitBox requests all customers and suppliers that provide ‘personal information’ acknowledge and consent to the sharing of their information for this purpose, and understand and agree to this Data Protection Policy. Where possible and always when collected online, the customer should demonstrate this through an active acceptance that should be recorded. All systems used to hold this information are either web-based and accessed via secure passwords or held on internal systems located in locked premises also with password-controlled access.

To take steps prior to entering in to a contract, BitBox might acquire the following ‘Personal Information’:

  • Name(s) – first, surname, preferred
  • Title(s) – used honorific (Mr, Mrs, etc)
  • Email address
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Role at Company.
  • BitBox differentiates between Personal Information as defined by the ICO and Company Information. The latter might include. – Company Name, website url, company phone number, address and so on.

Using standard tools, BitBox also collects anonymous data on website use; this is to improve your experience of using the website. The only time that it is possible to use the data to identify the exact user, is when a submission of the contact form is made. Only at this time it is possible to identify information such as medium used to find BitBox, pages visited on the BitBox website, the type of device used and other non-sensitive data. Please note however, that this information is not routinely held, but is accessible through reporting tools. No intrusive information is collected (nor is possible to collect) such as credit card or banking details, passwords or access to other websites nor browsing history.

Visitors to BitBox might feature on the CCTV. Please note that CCTV is only used for security purposes; data is destroyed after a period of 90 days as long as no unauthorised access to the company’s building is reported. BitBox complies with the ICO guidance on the use of CCTV.